Motivational Rock Pack

Motivational Rock Pack

‘Motivational Rock Pack’ is a collection of rock tracks with great variety; ideal for high energy productions. It features the classic rock inspired ‘Rock Steady’, the light rock ‘Life’, and the pop rock ‘Pop Rock Anthem’.

1. Rock Steady (3 versions)
‘Rock Steady’ is a good old-fashioned rock track with attitude and punch. Lead by crunchy electric guitars, this track features punchy rock drums, bass and swirly Hammond organ. Perfect for energetic, upbeat productions.

Included with the full version is a short version and a looped version;

Rock Steady (1:19)
Rock Steady – Short (0:31)
Rock Steady – Looped (0:48)

2. Life (2 versions)
‘Life’ is a smooth and soulful rock track. Featuring chilled hammond organ, rhythmic acoustic guitars, driving drums and a melodic lead guitar.

Included with the main version is a looped version;

Life (1:57)
Life – Looped (1:46)

3. Pop Rock Anthem (5 versions)
‘Pop Rock Anthem’ is a pop anthem with rock attitude. A catchy synth melody is married with heavy electric guitars, driving bass and punchy drums. This modern pop rock track will add upbeat and positive energy to your productions.

Included with the main version is a medium length version, a short version, a logo version and a looped version;

Pop Rock Anthem (2:32)
Pop Rock Anthem – Medium (1:00)
Pop Rock Anthem – Short (0:30)
Pop Rock Anthem – Logo (0:10)
Pop Rock Anthem – Looped (2:24)

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