Motivational Background Corporate Kit

Motivational Background Corporate Kit

Motivational is the right audio solution for your video project.
This commercial upbeat inspiring pop sound is great for corporate video, videohive project, advertising, motivation and inspiring video, business presentations or any type of use.
In the track I used instruments: piano, pads, hats, kicks, bells, orchestra and muted guitar.
Genres: corporate, upbeat, motivation, inspiring, corporate background

Based on my item Motivational

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:
Demo 1 – 2:13
Demo 2 – 1:11
Demo 3 – 0:40

List of sections that are included in this kit:
01_Intro1 – 0:17
02_Intro2 – 0:17
03_Intro3 – 0:17
04_Verse1 – 0:15
05_Verse2 – 0:15
06_Verse3 – 0:15
07_Verse4 – 0:15
08_Verse5 – 0:15
09_Verse6 – 0:15
10_Verse7 – 0:15
11_Verse8 – 0:15
12_Outro1 – 0:08
13_Outro2 – 0:08

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