Motivational Hip Hop Kit

Motivational Hip Hop Kit

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”Motivational Hip Hop Kit” – Big cinematic sound. This track is all about strong and motivated characters, sports champions, fighters, believers that have no barriers and feel like they need to push those limits harder. Great track for motivational videos, fighting videos about boxing or mma compilations, gym and workout videos and many other. Now it comes as a Kit so take advantage of it. Arrange all sections easily, so they match the flow of your picture perfectly! Without expensive and time consuming editing jobs. Download the preview now and check it out!

Zip contains:

1_ Motivational Hip Hop (Demo_01) – 0:37
2_ Motivational Hip Hop (Demo_02) – 0:53
3_ Motivational Hip Hop (Demo_03) – 1:25

01_INTRO – 0:05
02_VERSE_1 – 0:21
03_CHORUS_1 – 0:21
04_BRIDGE_1 – 0:05
05_VERSE_2 – 0:21
06_VERSE_3 – 0:21
07_BRIDGE_2 – 0:05
08_CHORUS_2 – 0:21
09_VERSE_4 – 0:21
10_VERSE_5 – 0:21
11_OUTRO – 0:13

Link to the original: Motivational Hip Hop !!

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