Motivational Corporate Pack

Motivational Corporate Pack

‘Motivational Corporate Pack’ is a collection of background music for any media project, which aims to motivate and inspire. Just use any of the three tracks, or their variations, to complete the business presentation, promo, any YouTube video and so on.

  1. Success
    Beautiful uplifting atmosphere of this music will be the perfect addition to your video project. Leading guitar harmonics arpeggio accompanied with elegant grand piano, light synth pad, emotional violins and drums, nice dynamic growth of arrangement – all that create a truly inspirational mood.
    • Success Full 2:44
    • Success Short 0:50
    • Success Loop 1 0:08
    • Success Loop 2 0:16
    • Success Loop 3 0:16

  2. Million Suns
    It’s designed to be a perfect addition to your video project such as business presentation, advertisement, corporate video, web promo, marketing projects and much more. High-tech synth accompanied by stylish electric grand piano, rock guitars, uplifting strings and rhythmic drums that explode to carry you into a world of endless possibilities – world of a million suns.
    • Million Suns Full 3:27
    • Million Suns Short 1:19
    • Million Suns Loop 1 0:16
    • Million Suns Loop 2 0:08
    • Million Suns Loop 3 0:16

  3. Corporate Zen
    An easy going, light and motivational track based on zither, piano, strings, soft live drums and pulsating synth bass line. Inspiration and concentration – these two words fully characterize its mood. Will be perfect for advertisement, presentation, corporate film or other media projects.
    • Corporate Zen 3:15

All files in .wav and .mp3 versions.