Motivational Cinematic Kit

Motivational Cinematic Kit

Inspiring Cinematic is an uplifting, hopeful, motivating piece that begins soft and builds into a cinematic, positive and inspirational feeling. Beautiful music in cinematic style. The best background music for a wedding slideshow. Romantic violins and piano. An inspiring sound. The track is designed for motivating video and advertising. It creates a bright good mood.

This music kit is made on the basis of my track “Motivational Cinematic

Included demo version:

  • Demo_01 (2:19)
  • Demo_02 (0:45) Starts at 2:19 in Preview

Included Song Sections:

  1. 01_Intro (0:01)
  2. 02_Break01 (0:07)
  3. 03_Verse01 (0:07)
  4. 04_Verse02 (0:07)
  5. 05_PreChorus (0:07)
  6. 06_Chorus01 (0:07)
  7. 07_Bridge (0:07)
  8. 08_Break02 (0:07)
  9. 09_Chorus02 (0:07)
  10. 10_Ending (0:07)
  11. Bonus01_Entrance (0:09)
  12. Bonus02_Transition01 (0:09)
  13. Bonus03_Transition02 (0:09)
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