Motivational Background Kit

Motivational Background Kit

The Motivational Background Kit background music track for your next video! Will guarantee a positive, motivational and optimistic mood.

This track works well with YouTube videos, startup campaign videos, inspiring presentations, business and science, corporate and technology projects, lifestyle and travel, real estate, health and medical videos, promo videos, vlog , tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, intro / outros and many, many more…

Original Track

List of tracks that included in this kit

• 01_Fill_Intro (0:02)
• 02_Intro (0:17)
• 03_Main1 (0:17)
• 04_Main2 (0:17)
• 05_Main3 (0:17)
• 06_Bridge (0:17)
• 07_Main4 Extended Strings (0:17)
• 08_Main5 (0:17)
• 09_Main6 (0:17)
• 10_Ending (0:06)

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails

This music kit includes three ready-to-use demo tracks with a different length

• Demo_01 (2:20)
• Demo_02 (1:47)
• Demo_03 (1:30)