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Lovin It <3 <3

Thanks man, means a lot…

What a great track…love it

Thanks G-Room :)

I like this a lot, but I need something with a strong ending, rather than a fade, is there a version with an end?


Hi, I’am really glad that you like this song and it is not a problem for me to upload another version with an ending. I will upload the new version today so I think that it will be available on the site in one or two days form today. Thanks for Your interest and I will email You when the new track is available for download. Cheers

The new version with an ending i available for download…Enjoy :)

I really love that guitar sound! What gear have you been using? Wish you good luck with sales mate! :)

Thanks man :) there is really nothing special with the guitar sound. It’s a PRS guitar going through a delay and straight into a vintage Marshall amp miked with a standard SM57 :)

Congrats! You made amazing track! Wish you many sales :)

Thank You John, I am really glad that You like it and words like this are great motivation for me, so thanks again, Cheers :)

Thanks, means a lot :)

Loved this track! Beautifully done. Hope you sell lots bro!

Thanks :) all the best to You too

Awesome track,perfect for my projects,thank you very much ,keep up the good work :)

Thank You and thanks for using our music in Your work… :)

This is going to be on my next project! Well done Man…well done.

Thank You :) means a lot…

Nice motivational track !

Thanks Mat :) I appreciate it very much

All very positive, beautiful guitar. Good job. Thank you. :)

Thanks so much, responses like this mean the world to me…Thank You my friend :)

Amazing work

Thanks “Samsandr” comments like this really motivate me to work harder and be better and better. Thanks again :) Cheers

Wow, this is real music

Thanks so much :)

It sounds very good! You’re a good composer. It’s true

Thank You, I am really glad you like it. I heard some of your tracks and all I can say is GREAT WORK and keep it up :-) I really like the track “Electro Orchestra” Cheers

Thank You my friend! I appreciate it

What a great track! Thanks :)

VideoPro5, Thank You very much! :) Very pleased to know You like it.

What a great track, it really lifted up my project. Great work, Thanks :)

Thanks, always great to hear something like this :)

Awesome! Like this sound- good work!