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Motivating, inspiring and melodic pop song

This track features an upbeat mood with a catchy melody and an inspiring, uplifting vibe. At the same time there’s a relaxed, light quality, emphasized further on the versions where the lead guitar has been removed to provide a more laid-back track, yet still with a bouncy, happy overall sound.

This track has been written to bring the right mood of inspiration and motivation to a wide variety of projects, from corporate presentations, to inspirational videos, advertisements, film and TV work, Youtube and Vimeo videos and more.

For added flexibility the downloadable ZIP includes 5 versions in both wav & mp3 (for a total of 10 audio files). The preview track above contains all 5 variations in the following order:

  • 1. Motivation (2:46)
  • 2. Motivation-no-guitar (2:46)
  • 3. Motivation-short (1:09)
  • 4. Motivation-short-no-guitar (1:09)
  • 5. Motivation-loop (0:32)

Greater Versatility

The main version of the song (1, 3 and 5 above) contains a repeating guitar pattern which drives the track along. For added versatility, an alternate arrangement is provided (2 and 4 above), which has the guitar removed for a mellower, more relaxed overall quality. In addition, the 3 different song lengths provide options for a greater number of project requirements, with the loop versions designed to loop seamlessly. A wide variety of options to choose from for your next project!

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