Motivation Warrior

Motivation Warrior

For this track we have a Music Kit. ore useful in your work!

Item Description

Motivation Warrior is great background music for training, any sport video or project. It forces you to work on your body again and again. Music to win. Stay strong.

Comfortable work!

I also put loop parts of the track, for greater convenience in the work on the music. You can first put the “Intro” and then choose any version of the loop. Something like this: Intro+MainLoop+Mainloop+...etc Thus you will get an endless loop of music. It’s comfortable!

This item is included in Motivation Sport Pack.

Archive includes (order of items like in previev):

1. Main version Motivation Warrior – 3:39 [0:00 – 3:39]

2. Motivation Warrior Intro – 0:53 [3:41 – 4:35]

3. Motivation Warrior Main loop version – 2:37 [4:36 – 7:14]

4. Motivation Warrior Middle loop version – 1:47 [7:15 – 9:02]

5. Motivation Warrior Small loop version – 0:50 [9:03 – 9:55]

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