Modern Uplifting Sport Hip-Hop Pack

Modern Uplifting Sport Hip-Hop Pack

  1. Uplifting Sport Hip-Hop

    Energetic and uplifting hip hop beat with electronic arp, trap drums, vox chops and deep 808 bass.

    2 Version Included:

    • Full Version (3:30)
    • Short version ( 1:25)

  2. Inspiring Hip Hop

    Bright and epic ” Inspiring Hip Hop” track, featuring lush strings, piano, soaring brass, heavy synth bass and boomy synth drum beats that create a bold, inspiring and motivational atmosphere.

    3 Version Included:

    • Inspiring Hip Hop (Full Version) – 2:10
    • Inspiring Hip Hop (Short 1 Version) – 1:15
    • Inspiring Hip Hop (Short 2 Version) – 0:51

  3. Modern Hip-Hop

    This variety of modern hip hop with elements of Trap and electronic music for sport, fashion events, action, promo videos also suits for club events and more.

    Included 4 Versions:

    • Full (length 2:16)
    • Short1 (length 1:01)
    • Short2 (length 1:05)
    • Short3 (length 0:47)