Modern Electronic Logo

Modern Electronic Logo

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A minimal electronic logo, incorporating glitchy rhythmic elements, deep bass, piano and a lot of ambience, giving it a modern and elegant feel.

Ideal for: Company logos/ identities/ adverts/ video introductions/ corporate presentations

Included in the download, in both MP3 and WAV format, are: the original version, a short version, an extended version and the short version once again but with the kick drum removed from the final note.

- Modern Electronic Logo. Duration: 00:21 | 0:00 – 0:21 in Preview

- Modern Electronic Logo (Short Version). Duration: 00:14 | 0:21 – 0:34 in Preview

- Modern Electronic Logo (Extended Version). Duration: 00:29 | 0:34 – 1:03 in Preview

- Modern Electronic Logo (Short Version – without kick). Duration: 00:14 | 1:03 – 1:17 in Preview

Check out this great VideoHive project by Marsseny which is accompanied by ‘Modern Electronic Logo’


Love the track but there’s something you would like altered; maybe you would like a longer, shorter or even loop able version? Drop me a message.

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