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This is another great song by you :) It is very enjoyable song Tim….

Thanks Biala :)

I decided to go a little bit of a direction with this one. Even though I am working a lot more with vocal tracks lately, I am still searching the best genres to write for as well as working to fit the needs of buyers the best I can! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

Great song Timm!

Remind me and back me to the 80s, nice electronic beats, just great.

Thanks so much!! :)

Piece of art. Been listening to this for more than 2 days now. Keep it up man. I am guessing the vocals are yours – awesome voice!


Thanks man! ;) Very much appreciate it!

Yep, the vocals are me as well!

my favorite crack on audio jungle :)

I’d stay away from the crack man, it’s a nasty habit :) haha…

I was actually assuming you meant” Track” – but then looking at the keyboard, “c” and “t” are actually quite far apart! hmmm ;)


Timmcmorris ! I bought Mission Control but it has vocals. I need beat of Mission Control (with Vocals). Please ! send for me Thanks !


Hi there friend, thanks for the purchase! The preview files reflect exactly what are downloaded, so if the song has vocals in the preview it will also have vocals in the download. For an info on an intrumental version please see here: http://audiojungle.net/item/mission-control-with-vocals/124612/support

I love this song !

Hello, I have purchased this audio. But boice is included here. I need the audio without voice. I purchased another videohive project ( http://videohive.net/item/colour-charge/164805 ) that used your audio and recommended to purchase it as it is essential for the project. In the “color change” project they used the audio without vocals. Before purchase I have seen his demo and then purchased. But after that when when I purchased the audio, then I found it is voice included. Please sen me the copy of Voice less audio track. Thanks

Brilliant track and I would like to buy but really would like an instrumental version with no vocals. I don’t need the mass production is there a link anywhere ? Thanks

Thanks very much! Please make sure to write through the contact form on my page otherwise I don’t have an e-mail to send it to.

Ok thanks but can you delete a comment after as I don’t really want my email address on view to everyone. Also how would I remove the content id as it would relate to the vocal one in my download for use on youtube.

Please send your email through my contact form, NOT the comment form. If you click on my profile page, there is a contact form on the right where you can send a private email. I can explain about how to remove any content ID claims on the email as well.