Minimalistic Ambient Corporate Bundle

Minimalistic Ambient Corporate Bundle

Light Relaxed Positive Ambient – 2:53

Minimalistic background music in ambient, technology, corporate style.

Has warm positive vibe, has an uplifting effect. Nice and sweet melodies. Brings optimistic mood.

Light. relaxed sounding, plain flow of music. Creates soothing effect.

Played by guitar, gentle piano, minimal drums, modern synths, smooth pads.

Easy, clear and simple composition – good for videos presentations, slideshows, explainers, tutorials, business, commercial videos.

Tempo: 105 BPM
Format: WAV
Duration: 2:53

Emotional Ambient Minimal – 2:41

Minimal ambient background music with corporate style elements.

Main theme played by emotional piano. It plays positive, inspirational and optimistic melodies. Other intruments supports piano and creates bigger emotional effect. Their melodies are dreamy, abstract, mild etc.

Composition is kind, pleasant to listen, has nice, warm sounding, brings relaxation, creates soothing effect.

It is easy, light and modern.

This atmospheric music will be good for some visual presentations, commercials, explainerns.

Tempo: 110
Format: Wav
Duration: 2:41

Optimistic Corporate Ambient Background – 2:52

Calm ambient background music with corporate style elements. Composition has wide and deep sounding. It creates image of absract hude space. This gives something futuristic qualities to music. Also, such sounding turn your mind in contemplative mode.

The mood optimistic, sounds like aspiring to something, inspirational. It may motivate on some achievements, success. The character of music is confident but at the same time gentle and mild. The character of the sound is subtle and delicate, pleasant to listen. Easy melodies brings light relaxing feelings.

Played by smooth piano, atmospheric pads, muted delayed guitar , dreamy peaceful ambient guitar, acoustic guitar, plain bass, beautiful fluent synths, minimalistic soft drums.

This music suit for: product presentation, business presentation, tutorial, explainer, commercial, advertisiment, technology and innovation review.

Tempo: 110 BPM
Format: Wav
Duration: 2:52

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