Mini Tech

Mini Tech

A bright and groovy techno tune featuring typical minimal and dub techno elements: a couple of synths playing an easy melody, deep base, clicky beat and bright percussive effects flowing in a wide space of echoes. And a wide variety of small changes to keep the listener interested all the time. The mood is both relaxing and moving. The sound is intensive and rich. Made for corporate videos, commercials, presentations, YouTube videos, websites and more.

Check out the brand new ‘Music Kit’ of this track! It’s an easy way to create your own ‘mix’ of this song by dragging and dropping its sections. Any duration you need, any melody development you need—full freedom of creativity!

Versions included:

  • DubTech_MASTER.wav&mp3: 2:12 (Main version)
  • DubTech_NO_DELAY.wav&mp3: 2:12 (Without echo effect, sounds more dry)
  • DubTech_ALT_REVERB.wav&mp3: 2:12 (More space)
  • DubTech_LOUD.wav&mp3: 2:12 (Louder version, more bassy)
  • DubTech_LOOP.wav&mp3: 0:31 (For infinite repeat)

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