Middle East Pack 01

Middle East Pack 01

Middle East Pack 01 - 1

We invite you on an unforgettable trip to the Middle East! You will find hot deserts and cool oases, ancient pyramids and magnificent palaces, oriental sweets and enchanting music, mysterious dervishes, powerful genies, fairy-tale princes and princesses, exotic flora and fauna, and much more!

By purchasing the “Middle East Pack 01” package you get three tracks of premium quality for the price of two!?

What does it include?

Ancient Egypt

This epic cinematic track is dedicated to ancient Egypt. It is ideal for your commercials, corporate presentations, videos for YouTube, documentaries about the history of ancient Egypt, Babylon, the Ottoman Empire, travel, discoveries, etc., feature films in the spirit of fantasy, blockbusters, trailers, promo, games, etc. The track used Middle Eastern musical instruments and percussions, such as: canun, oud, ney, bendir, doumbek, tombak and others.

ancient_egypt_main – 2:24

ancient_egypt_short_01 – 1:03

ancient_egypt_short_02 – 0:31

ancient_egypt_short_03 – 0:18

ancient_egypt_loop – 0:13

Whirling Dervishes

This beautiful, fascinating track is inspired by the whirling dervishes. This meditative dance and the philosophy of the Sufis is a huge contribution to world culture. The dance of whirling dervishes is not only a dance, but also a special kind of meditation, called “royal” meditation. This track is ideal for your commercials, corporate presentations, feature films, documentaries, TV show, cartoons and anime, dance numbers, theater performances, circus performances such as fakirs, travel reports, cultural events, slide shows, videos for YouTube, etc.

whirling_dervishes_main – 2:08

whirling_dervishes_short_01 – 1:01

whirling_dervishes_short_02 – 0:34

whirling_dervishes_short_03 – 0:19

whirling_dervishes_logo – 0:08

Arabian Night

This ethnic track in oriental style, with a beautiful catchy melody, is inspired by Middle Eastern tales of Scheherazade and Sultan, Aladdin and the genie, Sinbad and many others. Traditional oriental instruments and percussions are intertwined into a single pattern and majestic deserts, life-giving oases, ancient cities, great kings, beautiful princesses, virtuoso dancers, rich caravans appear in front of us. This track is ideal for advertising oriental perfumes and aromas, sweets, spices, tourist routes, hotels, tour operators, travel shows and travel vlogs, culinary shows about dishes of oriental cuisine, oriental dances such as belly dancing, documentaries, feature films, cartoons , anime, vacation reports, YouTube videos, slide shows, and more.

arabian_night_main – 2:09

arabian_night_short_01 – 1:00

arabian_night_short_02 – 1:00

arabian_night_short_03 – 0:30

arabian_night_short_04 – 0:10