Michael's Lullaby

Michael's Lullaby

A soft, sentimental melody with vocals and harmonies. Underneath the vocals, lies a perpetual guitar line which is layered with strings, soft pad and piano. This tender track invokes a gentle, longing, dreamlike state. 

Files included in the zip (in order they appear in the preview):
Michaels Lullaby – Full version (4:01), WAV and MP3
Michaels Lullaby – Acoustic Version (4:03), WAV and MP3
Michaels Lullaby – Instrumental (no vocals) (4:00), WAV and MP3

Around the treetops, fallen leaves
Where the waves crash, upon the eaves
Don’t let the wind fall, on your ears
But let the sound reign, through your years

Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh

In this lifetime, you will be free
With the love of your family
Mother, father, siblings too
They surround you, through and through

Sleep Michael
Dream of dreams for you
Grow and shine Michael
Feel the love for you