Metal Sport Pack

Metal Sport Pack


Perfect for video project: sport theme, slow motion, trailers, film score that delivers that thrilling commercial Hollywood sound, hi-tech projects, extreme, workouts, bodybuilding, action themes, documentaries, travels, youtube videos and e.t.c.

All versions contain .wav and .mp3 formats

1. FAST SPORT SONG (FIVE VERSIONS) – Edgy, aggressive rock music theme with a lot of distortion and energy sounds. Very positive, uplifting and groovy track is perfect for project. Contained as only guitar theme and as with additional keyboards sounds. It is driving and edgy modern rock music blended with some cool effects and synth patterns.

First version – Main rock theme with keys. Duration – 2:46

Second version – Main guitar theme. Duration – 2:17

Third version – Short version #3 Duration – 1:29

Fourth version – Short version #4 Duration – 0:55

Fifth version – Short version #5 Duration – 0:41

2.SPORT HEAVY WORKOUT (THREE VERSIONS) – Metal rock music song with heavy and hybrid sounds. Very powerful, distorted and organic track is perfect for you projects.

First part in preview – Main theme with synth. Duration – 2:08

Second part in preview – Main theme without synth. Duration – 2:08

Third part in preview – Short version. Duration – 0:48

3.METAL ACTION (FIVE VERSIONS INCLUDING SPECIAL) – Metal fast rhythm song with alot of hybrids and organic synths will bring you project to the top!. Included a special hybrid version with only organic sounds. Very powerfull and energetic tune.

First version:(for intro) Short version of the main theme. Duration – 0:57

Second version (full):Main theme. Duration – 2:40

Third version:(guitars) Without synth sounds. Duration – 2:40

Fourth version:(special) With only organic sounds. Duration – 1:28

Fifth version:(extended) For extended projects. Duration – 3:03 Duration – 1:27