Mellow Success Commercial Pack

Mellow Success Commercial Pack

“Mellow Success Commercial Pack” consists of five tracks (some with alternative versions included). A relaxing mix of inspirational royalty free music. They could be used in commercials, presentations, TV and radio spots.

They also come with .wav and .mp3 versions

1. Inspiring Ambient (2 Versions):
Inspiring Ambient is a chilled and downtempo track with warm synth sounds and orchestral instruments. A simple beat gives it a spacey vibe. It’s suitable for projects that need an inspiring track that has a warm melody. Perfect for timelapse or landscape video productions.
Two versions are included, as heard on preview:

Inspiring Ambient (Full version) 3:05

Inspiring Ambient (Short version) 0:37

2. Sunrise (1 Version):

A building positive theme that could be used for a travel commercial or documentary piece – a fusion piece where western music meets African sounds. The start of the new day or reflecting when the sun sets on a hot day.

Contains South African choir, Kalimba, Electric piano, bongo and western percussion. Can loop to fit should it be required.

Full version : 3:02

3. Stepping Stones (2 Versions):

“Stepping Stones” is a contemporary positive track that builds from a simple piano pattern into a full inspirational track. It was created with positivity in mind, focussing on business success, wellbeing, growth and productivity.

It starts with piano and glockenspiel which provides with foundations and remain throughout the track. The bass builds as the strings and guitar build anticipation. It climaxes with a full orchestration and includes a few different phrases to make it easier to work with transitional moments in business, sporting or nature videos.

Full version – 2:56

No percussion version – 2:56

4. Inspire Me (1 Version):

Fresh, warm background music for your inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects. Built with electric guitar, bass, piano, strings, glockenspiel, percussion and light synth. A building track with a happy feel.

Full version – 2:35

5. Inspire (1 Version)
An evolving optimistic track featuring solo guitar, grand piano, strings and atmospheric effects. Motivational and positive music.

Full version – 2:32