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Festivities in Medieval time!

Medieval Feast is a rousing music piece from a long gone era, that will bring the Middle Ages to your video!

With its typical and instantly recognizable medieval atmosphere, this track is perfect for illustrating feasts scenes in a castle or a tavern, as well as any Middle Ages related projects. The ancient instruments and drums as well as the repetitive motif will make your project sound authentic, and deliver the wisdom of an ancient time. Make your audience travel to the days of old!

Ancient instruments, such as a Harp, a Oud, an ancient fiddle, bagpipes, and flutes play a repetitive motif, while Bodhran drums, tambourin and other drums drive the track forward.

With its festive energy and authentic medieval atmosphere, Medieval Feast will be the perfect soundtrack to your Middle Ages themed videos!

Perfect for:

Medieval cinematic music for Middle Ages themed videos, medieval scenes, feast scenes, taverns, medieval castle, historical documentary, Vikings stories, Celtic legends, Ireland tourism videos, Scotland travel videos, Wales tourism videos, Cornwall travel videos, Brittany tourism videos, Celtic crafts, ...

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