Massive Epic Rock Trailer

Massive Epic Rock Trailer


TITAN SLAYER presents Future is Black – dark, cinematic and massive epic rock trailer music.This track was made for use in a trailer, teaser, TV spot and soundtrack in such visual medias like an action, adventure, dramatic, thriller, sci-fi and futuristic TV series and films, documentary, militaries, fitness, workout and gym videos, product adverts and commercials, video games, sports, and extreme sports media. Main instruments used: soft palm muted guitar, heavy electric guitar, pulse synths, lead, trailer percussion, rises, whooshes and sub drops.

6 versions included:

1) Original – 1:46, starts at 0:00 in preview file;

2) 30 Seconds – 0:30, starts at 1:47 in preview file, same as original version, but shortener for use in TV Spots / Adverts;

3) Underscore – 0:24, starts at 2:16 in preview file, an ambient version with palm muted guitar, percussion and synths;

4) Sting 1 – 0:10, starts at 2:39 in preview file, short sound design logo for openers, titles, intros, etc;

5) Sting 2 – 0:10, starts at 2:49 in preview file;

6) Sting 3 – 0:10, starts at 2:59 in preview file;

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About me

TITAN SLAYER is composer, producer, and founder of Hyperreal Records.

Forged in a deep galaxy, his music combines an unstoppable fury of aggressive electric guitars, screaming synthesizers, and powerful percussion. His music has been used in hundreds of projects – from adverts to films and video games.

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