Marching Sounds Pack

Marching Sounds Pack

Marching Sounds – Pack of 7 sounds

You can use them to add more impressive power to your military, dramatic, adventure, action project, whether it’s game or video one.

It’s not actual soldiers’ march, as you can hear, it’s its drums imitation (that occasionally sounds pretty similar though) – so you can use these sounds just as a war marching drums, if you like.

Pack contains 7 sounds, every sound is a loop. It’s not the same piece just with different volume and EQ, but individual sounds which differ by amount of warriors participating in the record… sorry, by the number of drums, and not only this.

  • 1. Small Troops – 12.631 sec, 114bpm
  • 2. Energetic Attack – 12 sec, 120bpm
  • 3. Dark Raider – 12.631 sec, 114bpm
  • 4. Big Army – 12.631 sec, 114bpm
  • 5. Epic Army – 12.631 sec, 114bpm
  • 6. Evil Forces – 12.631 sec, 114bpm
  • 7. Big Evil Troop – 12.631 sec, 114bpm

If you need some custom edition of this item, feel free to get in touch with me. In simple cases this can be done fast and for free.
Any feedback would be much appreciated!

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