Make News

Make News

Make the News! – Orchestral track in the style of news, events, information … Active and dynamic, vivid and impetuous – draw the viewer’s attention and make your work original. Also, this music can be used in other corporate projects, but not only ….  :) Conventionally, the track can be divided into three parts and used – in different parts of your project. The first piece – perfect for the entry or logo, second- to review or news announcement, the third – news sport or industry.

For easy synchronization with your project, the track is divided into parts that you can find in the archives, “Variations” folder.

So, the archive contains:
  • Make News _Main (2:25) // main track;
  • Make News_A (0:42) // with sound “SECONDA”
  • Make News_B (0:55) // good for review
  • Make News_C (0:53) // maybe for sport news:)

You can listen to all the variations in the preview, after the main track (from 2:27) All variations have a beginning and an end, also included version .mp3

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