Magic Mysterious Fairy Tale Kit

Magic Mysterious Fairy Tale Kit


Original Track:
Magic Mysterious Fairy Tale

Magical Adventure, Mysterious Fairy Tale Music Kit

Magic Mysterious Fairy Tale Kit – mysterious and a bit dark, enchanting magic fairy tale orchestral cinematic music which features celesta and glockenspiel.

Perfect for fantasy trailers, halloween projects, videogames, cartoons, personal videos, fantastic videos, youtube videos, imaginative and calm product presentations, documentary, mystical nature / forest videos, etc.

Instruments: violas pizzicato, glockenspiel, celesta, ethereal voices, violins & violas tremolo, wind chimes & belltree, cymbals, bass, piano, cellos staccato, harp, orchestral drums, guitar.

Mood: magic, fantasy, fairytale and wonder.

Song Sections:

  • 01 Intro (0:10)
  • 02 Bridge (0:09)
  • 03 Bridge With Crash (0:09)
  • 04 Main Background (0:17)
  • 05 Main Background Extended (0:20)
  • 06 Main Melody (0:17)
  • 07 Outro (0:12)

This music kit includes three demo tracks of different length:

  • Demo Track 1 (1:25)
  • Demo Track 2 (1:49)
  • Demo Track 3 (0:58)

All these tracks are available in two versions: Tails and No Tails.

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