Mad Wasteland Percussion

Mad Wasteland Percussion

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Item Description

What a day, what a lovely day!?

Mad Wasteland Percussion is an epic and big sounding modern percussion track. It’s a massive and epic, cinematic and powerful background with industrial elements like metal sounds, iron percussion hits and dirty overdriven guitars. Perfect for action video and trailers, battle and fight scenes.

Archive includes (order of items like in preview):

1. Main version Mad Wasteland Percussion – 2:50 [0:00 – 2:50]

2. Mad Wasteland Percussion 1 minute version – 1:11 [2:52 – 4:03] In this version you can take one hit end.

3. Mad Wasteland Percussion 2 minutes version – 2:17 [4:05 – 6:23]

4. Mad Wasteland Percussion loop version – 1:32 [6:25 – 7:58]

5. Mad Wasteland Percussion without guitars version – 2:50 [8:00 – 10:50]

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