M4 Silenced Assault Rifle Full Pack

M4 Silenced Assault Rifle Full Pack

M4 assault rifle with silencer.
Firing, different bursts, reloads, shell drop stereo sound fx can be used anywhere: cinematics, movies, especially in computer games like actions, any type of shooters, rpg, strategy.
But this samples perfect for FPS video games.
Pack include 2sec. firing loop, full magazine burst sound, five variations of single shots, five variations of M4 3 bullet bursts, five variations of M4 5 bullet bursts, M4 magazine eject, M4 magazine insert, M4 reload and M4 chamber lock, four variations of shell drop sounds.

All Samples cleaned and prepared for use..

  • Five x M4 Silenced Single Shot : 0:01 each
  • Five x M4 Silenced Burst Bullet Count3: 0:01 each
  • Five x M4 Silenced Burst Bullet Count5: 0:01 each
  • M4 Silenced Burst Loop: 0:02
  • M4 Silenced Burst full magazine: 0:02
  • M4 Magazine Eject: 0:01
  • M4 Magazine Insert: 0:01
  • M4 Reload: 0:01
  • M4 Chamber Lock: 0:01
  • Four x Shell drops: 0:01

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