Beautiful Luxury Corporate Background

Beautiful Luxury Corporate Background

This track is designed to make your product PERFECT. It will bring emotion, calmness and eternity without being noticed. Guaranteed to work IDEALLY in videos with voice over without interrupting the narration.

Contains 5 versions, standardized to commercial lengths:

  1. McMillenium – Luxury [90sec edit] – 1:37
  2. McMillenium – Luxury [main] – 2:42
  3. McMillenium – Luxury [alternative] – 2:42
  4. McMillenium – Luxury [120sec edit] – 2:10
  5. McMillenium – Luxury [60sec edit] – 1:05

Ideal for following use:

  • Social Video
  • Advertisement
  • Presentation
  • Commercial
  • Documentary
  • Film
  • Technology and product demonstration video
  • YouTube Inspiring or Motivating Compilation
  • Viral Marketing Campaign

Mix and match different versions to match your needs, for example:

  • Replace the long ending of main version by a shorter ending from 60sec version, and so on.

Thanks for choosing our track!