Lush Groove

Lush Groove

Lush Groove - 1LUSH_GROOVE

This track is a lush grooving beat with a modern sound. The item can be used for any presentation, advert, film, YouTube channel or vlog that needs a lush smooth and modern feel to it.

There are five versions included in the zip file to make it more suitable for your needs.

- Lush Groove (Short 1): 0:47 (Starts at 0:00 in the preview)

- Lush Groove: 2:13 (Starts at 0:48 in the preview)

- Lush Groove (Short 2): 0:26 (Starts at 3:01 in the preview)

- Lush Groove (Short 3): 0:26 (Starts at 3:27 in the preview)

- Lush Groove (Loop): 0:21 (Starts at 3:55 in the preview)

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