Lovely Relax Kit

Lovely Relax Kit


A fantastic track for voiceover and introduction videos, this forward thinking and spacious tune is both creative and versatile. Use for introduction videos, pre and post rolls, commercial and advertising videos, montages and slow motion compilations, introductions, business and travel videos, news features and many more. Inspiring is a superb choice of music for a variety of applications, and is a must for your sound library.

Based on my original AudioJungle item:

Used piano, violin, clarinet, strings pad, vibes, tubular bells, orchestra harp, pizzicato strings, fx.

Wave files included in this KIT:

01_Intro (0:06) Short, Mood01 based

02_Mood01_Clarinet01 (0:13) Theme 01 in clarinet

03_Mood02_Clarinet02 (0:13) Theme 02 in clarinet

04_Mood01_Clarinet03 (0:13) Theme 03 in clarinet

05_Mood02_Clarinet04 (0:13) Theme 04 in clarinet

06_Mood01_Violin01 (0:13) Theme 01 in violin

07_Mood02_Violin02 (0:13) Theme 02 in violin

08_Mood01_Violin03 (0:13) Theme 03 in violin

09_Mood02_Violin04 (0:13) Theme 04 in violin

10_Mood01 (0:13) First motion

11_Mood02 (0:13) Second motion

12_Mood01_Clarinet_Violin (0:13) Clarinet and violin added

13_Mood02_Clarinet_Violin (0:13) Clarinet and violin added

14_Outro (0:06) Short, Mood01 based

15_EndTone (0:06) End tone

Demo ready for use

Demo01_AllMainSections – 3:05

Demo02_Short – 2:10

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The pictures below show the mood of the track.