Love Pack

Love Pack

This pack is full of romantic acoustic guitars with sentimental tones and gentle soft melodies and vocal about love

1) In Love – 30s / 2m 15s / 1m 35s / 1m 15s / 55s (0:00 – 6:30)

This beautiful sentimental folk acoustic guitar track is perfect for family video or video with romantic sentimental mood

This track is full of love. There are a lot of acoustic guitars, bells, soloing beautiful calm bass and tender ukulele.

It is very calm music with a gentle pace. It’s like feeling instant and being happy. The sun is shining and the weather outside and many smiles. Everything shines around and you including. Very gentle and touching feeling. As if you are in love.

This music is suitable for any video or presentation, as well as advertising where you want to emphasize a love mood, romantic, calm and tender feeling.5 Versions included!
Short 4 (0:00 – 0:30) – 30s
Full (0:30 – 2:45) – 2m 15s
Short 1 (2:45 – 4:20) – 1m 35s
Short 2 (4:20 – 5:35) – 1m 15s
Short 3 (5:35 – 6:30) – 55s

2) Ukulele Song – 2m 40s / 1m 50s / 1m 20s / 55s / 2m 40s (6:30 – 15:55)

This soft romantic track with sentimental vocals resembles Hawaiian good love songs

The main thing in this track is a memorable kind and affectionate tune about love. It is supported by beautiful acoustic guitars and carefree ukulele. Emotional strings enter the culmination.
This track is suitable for slideshows, videos on YouTube, commercials, video presentations, home sales advertisements. Suitable wherever you need to emphasize a romantic, kind, affectionate and sentimental mood a bit like the mood of Hawaiian songs.

5 Versions included!
Full (6:30 – 9:10) – 2m 40s
Short 1 (9:10 – 11:00) – 1m 50s
Short 2 (11:00 – 12:20) – 1m 20s
Short 3 (12:20 – 13:15) – 55s
Full no vocal (13:15 – 15:55) – 2m 40s

3) Accordion Waltz – 2m 00s / 1m 04s / 34s / 20s (15:55 – 19:56)

This is a life affirming track with gentle waltz melodies. They fondly soothe, inspire faith in yourself and your abilities.

• This track is fully recorded with live instruments. Waltz accordion, warm and affectionate ukulele playing in the introduction. Children’s xylophone carries the theme like a bells. Accordion comes in the bridge and then gently picks up the main theme and plays it an octave higher. Recorded live claps help to maintain a positive attitude. Upright acoustic kick adds groove to the music.

• This track is perfect for video advertising services or website. It may be useful for a chronicles of family events, for a a family holiday videos. Video which refers to the possibility of making the world a little better.

• Also long and 3 short versions included!
• Long – 2m00s (15:55-17:57)
• Short 1 – 1m04s (17:57-19:01)
• Short 2 – 34s (19:01-19:35)
• Short 3 – 20s (19:35-19:55)

Love Pack - 1

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