Love My Mandolin

Love My Mandolin

This is my new track to use in your projects – instrumental music for children like type – happy and very “commercial” and motivational.

I was about to place it in folk music category, but I think some of elements in this happy & cheerful music are to electronic. It’s about two synth leads – I love them there … if you too – great.

A part of that of course main instrument in this one was my mandolin. I got this nice acoustic instrument about 6 months ago and by now I’m capable to use it my royalty free music. There is also nice backing accordion and acoustic guitar with drums, bass and some tinkling bells. It’s got really nice ending with few accent sounds – perfect for advertisement.

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Nice and “soft” house style loop:
Take it easy

...and some drum and bass stuff:
media intro 1
media intro 2
media loop 1
media loop 2
media loop 3