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Wow! What a beautiful song! I could listen to this all day!

Thanks you.

SUPER cool track – great atmosphere!

And another Canadian, even better :)

Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy your work as well!

This music relaxed me. Good work.

Very relaxing , great track!

Great Track!
Bookmarked to Audiojungle Authors Music Collection!

Thank you.

Great, and great voice! Will buy it soon

Really great song!

Thank you!

Seriously beautiful. I don’t even have a project for it but I am considering buying it just because it is amazing. Well done. You should consider making it into a full song a beat.


Thanks for the kind words. I have thought about extending it and adding other elements to it. I just need to find the time.

I Love… You’ve made an amazing work ! If you have enough time, extend it : it’s too short…

Thanks. Yes, I am thinking about extending it. I just need to make time to do that.

Wow – great composition and fantastic vocals!

Thank you.

dang, this is really amazing. I could tell the sheer quality as soon as I heard the first couple seconds. Seriously beautiful!!!

Thanks Josh.

the best that I heard this

Thank you very much grach.

I’m very impressdd with this. “Love in the Park” and this “Love in the Park Dance Remix” are my favorite musics. I hope you to publish more and more atmospheric ambient track features the vocals of Theda Phoenix.

Thank you


Great! I like this spirit!

Thanks. I did an extended dance remix of this track by special request. check it out. http://audiojungle.net/item/love-in-the-park-dance-remix/1441675

Very beautiful. Reminds me of something, not sure. Totally booked marked this for a project I may want to do sometime in the next couple years. Awesome job!

thanks for the kind words.

Hi you’ve made a very touching and beautiful music. Congratulations for lovely and as you deserved comments. I have just purchased the file but unfortunately I haven’t got mp3 version of the music. Please can you send me the music in mp3 on abhay_fbm@hotmail.com Thank you once again. Keep up the great work God bless.

Thank you for the purchase and the great comments. I have done as you have requested.

Nice relaxing Track. Great work!