Lounge Hip Hop

Lounge Hip Hop

Lounge Hip Hop - 1

5 Versions Included! ;)

Lounge Hip Hop is a relaxing, modern chill music with groovy, bouncy beat, vinyl noise, stylish vocal chops and beautiful piano phrases. It’s a positive, calming, elegant lounge soundtrack.

Use this chilly background hip hop music for a fashion event, videos, car commercials, advertising, lifestyle videos, stylish video footage, trailers, films, vlogs, food blogs, inspiring youtube videos, tv or radio show, evening shows, stand up gigs, fashion presentations and more!

Instruments: drums, bass guitar, slap bass, electric guitar, brass ensemble, vocal chop, piano, transition fx.

Versions Included:
1. Lounge Hip Hop – 1:40.
2. Lounge Hip Hop Long – 2:01.
3. Lounge Hip Hop Short – 0:56.
4. Lounge Hip Hop Loop – 1:04.
5. Lounge Hip Hop Loop 2 – 0:21.

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To VideoHive Authors
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Lounge Hip Hop - 2

Lounge Hip Hop - 3

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Lounge Hip Hop - 14

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Lounge Hip Hop - 23

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Lounge Hip Hop - 29

Lounge Hip Hop - 30