Logo Pack

Logo Pack

Logo Pack

Modern and High-Quality.

Works great for broadcast, advertisements, websites, corporate videos, business videos, app promos, marketing videos, games, commercials, promos, media entertainment, titles, flash animations, news, previews, tv programs, youtube, vimeo, radio, slideshow, animation, travel videos, infographics and other ideas.

Logo pack includes 10 items.

1. Epic Drums Logo: 0:28

2. Stomp and Claps Logo: 0:08

3. EDM Logo: 0:13

4. Warm Piano Logo_01: 0:12

5. Warm Piano Logo_02: 0:12

6. Logo Rise & Hit_01: 0:12

7. Logo Rise & Hit_02: 0:12

8. Logo Rise & Hit_03: 0:11

9. Logo Impact: 0:06

10. Logo Flash Frame: 0:07

Sample Rate 16 Bit Stereo 44.1 kHz

Music and Logos

Works great for movies, trailers, games or any other projects.

It’s also great for

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