Logo Pack Tech For Social Media

Logo Pack Tech For Social Media

Create your own Instagram stories with the tech logo pack! The packages includes 10 modern pieces that will draw attention of the listener. Created with drums, synths and piano, the tunes can be used in media projects related to fashion, style, technology and many more. The logo sounds can be used in flash web banners, commercials, promos and mobile applications. Use them to create templates for various social media. The pack includes:

1. Bright-logo : 0:10

2. Economy news logo : 0:30

3. Electro groovy news logo : 0:12

4. Long modern corporate logo : 0:27

5. Modern intro ident : 0:29

6. Modern logo : 0:12

7. New product reveal logo : 0:18

8. Positive short logo : 0:12

9. Soft awakening logo : 0:17

10. Soft motion logo : 0:12

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