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this song is like directly from a house album.. so much love it, house in piano-style is always a good combination!

Thanks! Nice new avatar by the way :)

First song i bought here :D

verry nice song (y) keep up the good work

Greetings from Belgium ;)

Thanks a lot!! :)

Masterful work! :) Bookmarked!

Thanks so much!!! :)

The more songs I listen to on your feed, the more money I have to deposit! Great Work

So thats a win win then :D Thanks a lot for the nice comment!!

Pretty hot man

Thanks a lot man!

Wow! The melody is very cool, especially in the moment of piano sidechain. Kick and bass is incredible! :) I must do something like this!

Thanks a lot!! :)

really good job

Thanks so much captonyx!

This song is great! Thanks.

Thank you so much! And thanks for buying!

Amazing work Tiam!!

Thanks a lot!!!

Btw is it possible to get a wave format?

Sorry for my late reply, I will try to find the original file and upload it. I will let you know! :) Thanks a lot for buying

very airy piano, i vote you)

Thanks!!! :D

Thanks a lot ArtSound!!

Very groovy track! Nice melodical felling! How do you like this one: https://audiojungle.net/item/happy-energy-dance-house/19845566?s_rank=1