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Damn man, this song is everywhere ! Congrats !

Thanks so much Martin. I’m very fortunate it’s done well for me.

Thank you StenLogo!

What a smashing track! I love the piano especially. One of my favourites on AJ :D Well done!

Thanks so much!

very nice work outstanding music

Thank you!

Nice work. I love it! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you, very nice track!

Appreciate it!

Very very nice sound!!!

Great Work!)))Very cool!:) Excellent ! I really like !

I am using your song in the outro of my YouTube videos, and now i am getting all my videos with copyright infractions.

Ok now many of my videos are being flaged by youtube because i did use this track for my outros.

I’m so sorry to hear that. Can you post a link for me?

Love this track. First audio I bought on Audio Jungle a while back for a marketing promo video. Thanks Man!

Cool track!!!

I bought this item for a promo video. Facebook deleted my say it matches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFSE3FU98T0. I need to provide an electronic license to restore the video. I cannot find an electronic license in my account. Where can I get the license?

never mind :) Facebook resolved this issue.

LOVE IT, can I put it on my youtube gaming channel with ad’s?

Good commercial sound!

Your video was not posted because it may contain music, audio or video that belongs to someone else. “Behind The Scenes (Photoshoot)” ved Amira Willighagen Facebook is committed to protecting everyone’s intellectual property rights, and we want to tell you that your video contains content that you may not have the right to use. Publish this video if you feel that this is a mistake, and that you have the rights to use all elements of your video.

Delete this video if you do not have the rights to use all its contents.


WTF…? I want my mony back

My team purchased your music, “Live my life” on audio jungle. The license we bought is Music Broadcast License (1 million). We are using this music in the Japanese commercial, which is being broadcasted on TV in Japan. And we are also in the middle of processing the fee at P.R.O in Japan, JASRAC to broadcast this music. The fee will go to P.R.O in the USA, SESAC through JASRAC.

We have two questions here: - Is there a fee to show this commercial at a client show room? - Is there any additional usage fee in regards to recording rights?

We’ve paid the broadcasting license ( 1 million) on audio jungle, and also we also successfully paid JASRAC to use this music in Japan. It would be very nice if the fees that I have asked you above is already included in what we already paid!

I have a copyright problem using this song on Instagram. what should I do they said “Your video was not posted because it may contain music, audio or video that belongs to someone else. “Behind The Scenes (Photoshoot)” ved Amira Willighagen” they remove my video from Instagram. pls help

I cannot use this song on Facebook and Instagram can I refund this song?