Lite Rock Pack

Lite Rock Pack

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ZIP file contains:
  1. Soft Rock
    • Soft Rock [2:22]
  2. Positive Rock
    • Positive Rock (Full Version) [2:18] (Preview at 2:23)
    • Positive Rock (0-37) (Preview at 4:42)
    • Positive Rock (0-22) (Preview at 5:20)
  3. Happy Rock
    • Happy Rock (Full Version) [2:14] (Preview at 5:43)
    • Happy Rock (0-44) (Preview at 7:58)
    • Happy Rock (0-25) (Preview at 8:43)

Ambient Epic Corporate
Lite Rock Cinematic Hard Rock
Hip-Hop Folk, Acoustic Children's
My Bestsellers Lounge Music Packs Happy & Positive Inspirational Upbeat & Cheerful
Energetic & Driving Dramatic Strong & Powerful
Relaxing & Chill Dreamy & Romantic Sad & Dark

To VideoHive authors:

You can use watermaked preview of my tracks in your works. Just include a link to my track and send me an email, so I can put a link to your item!

If you have any questions, I will always be happy to answer!