Lite Motivational Music Pack

Lite Motivational Music Pack

Lite Motivational music bundle | Motivational music pack background music for trailer, video games, films, slide shows.

“Lite Motivational Music Pack” is consists of three tracks (and their versions). This exclusive motivational inspirational and royalty free music bundle will be good as a background in commercials, business and home presentations, promo, travel video, sport videos, slide shows etc.

Save 50% by buying this package instead of buying each item separately

  • 1. Motivational relaxation – 3 versions:
    One minute version – 1:08 (at 0:00 in the preview)
    Shorter version – 0:52 (at 1:08 in the preview)
    Full version – 1:56 (at 2:00 in the preview)
  • 2. Motivate – 3 versions:
    Full version – 2:28 (at 3:56 in the preview)
    Short version – 1:17 (at 6:24 in the preview)
    Shorter version – 0:41 (at 7:42 in the preview)
  • 3. Light Motivation – 4 versions:
    Full version – 2:11 (at 8:22 in the preview)
    One minute version – 1:07 (at 10:33 in the preview)
    Loop 1 version – 0:16 (at 11:41 in the preview)
    Loop 2 version – 0:16 (at 11:59 in the preview)
WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package. Motivational Music Pack – it’s good choice for your project! I hope you enjoy it ;)

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