Discussion on Light and Happy Cinematic Orchestra

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Great production! Love the “Big Cinema” feel and arrangement! :)

Really good work!

Pavel “CHA!”

Thanks so much, Pavel! Thanks for listening. :)

Just perfect!Great orchestral arrangements!

Thank you, Zhanna! :)

Love this…Home Alone meets The Simpsons! :D

Ha! That’s a great way to describe it. Thanks! :)

WOW, compliment pinkzebra!

That’s cinematic music at it’s best! Wonderful!

Great title as well. :D

Thank you very much, Udo! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you, Paulo! :)

Very realistic sounds, great arrangement. :)

Thank you, John. :)

Awesome!! Great sound!! :)

Thanks, I appreciate it! :)

Classic comedy template work. Other folks around would do well to study this. It’s a home run.

Thank you very much, Michael. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for listening! :)

Great stuff pz, really like the orchestration in this. Like MichalskiMusic says, well worth studying this one, it’s got all the elements of a winner. Good job!

Thanks a lot, Cato! I appreciate your generous comments :)

Superb superb superb track. It brings me back to the best feelings I experienced while playing the Sims or Simcity. Really love it.

Thanks for the really generous comments, Rick! Glad you enjoyed the music :)

WOW that`s perfect for movies! Reminds “Beethoven” or something like that:)

Thanks very much! :)