Lifted Up

Lifted Up

New Version in March 2014: Improved vocals, now with a 2nd verse!

Lifted Up is a very modern, motivational, uplifting and pumping Dance-Pop Lovesong fully produced with vocals. Instrumental version is included too:

-Lifted Up (with vocals) 3:25
-Lifted Up Instrumental Version 3:25

Vocals by Saphira.
Lyrics reviewed by SoundFix. Thank you very much Sam!

This Popsong is played by several synths, electronic & acoutic drums and several electric guitars to make it really “driven” by a alternative rock feeling. The chorus with the female vocals is pushed to the top by additional acoustic strings.

Before we met I knew just foggy days
But now you’re here and the sky is clear
You’re the one who always treats me right
You’re the one who takes care of me

Chorus: I’ve been lifted, been lifted up by you

You’re love surrounds me like a cozy cloud
You make me happy and I shout it out
There’s no one else out there to compete with you
No there will never be a friend like you

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