Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful - 1

Bright Heart Media – Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful is an upbeat fun and pumped up modern pop song featuring a feel good groove. With catchy melodies and bright optimistic male vocals, the motivating lyrics inspire to live in the moment and reach for your dreams.

Life is Beautiful is a perfect soundtrack for todays advertising and commercial needs, film work, corporate presentations, montages, YouTube videos, family slideshows and any projects that need an inspiring, energetic music track with positive life messages.

For flexibility both the full song and instrumental versions are included with your purchase. Also included is the background vocal only track, which has the background vocals entering on the chorus sections only

Files included in the zip:

Full version (3:42), WAV and mp3

Instrumental (3:42), WAV and mp3

Background Vocals only in chorus (3:42), WAV and mp3

Verse One

It feel so good, inside

we’re never coming down, let’s take, a ride

And turn it all around

We’ll make today, nothing like before

The best day ever

See the world, the sights

Just open up your eyes, and come alive

The sun is gonna rise

And shine, so bright, I know you and I

Will live forever


Life is Beautiful, Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful, Life is Beautiful

Verse Two

The sun, the sky, stars

I’ll meet you where they are, the world is ours

Waited all your life

The time is right, we could have it all

Here together

Dream it big, out loud

Reaching up so high, above the ground

See it in your eyes

They come, alive, I know you and I

Could live forever

Chorus Two

Life is Beautiful, Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful, Life is Beautiful


So hold on tight, We’ll make this life The best that it can be

The time has come, We’ve just begun As far as I can see, it’s beautiful

Chorus repeat and end

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