Let's Go Together Kit

Let's Go Together Kit

An uplifting motivational piece of music to suit the mood of your production and give it an inspiring boost! Composed using a recorded viola performance, brought together with a men’s choir.

This Music Kit is based on our original track Let’s Go Together (consisting of 4 versions already).

Three demos are included:
Demo1_Full (1:49) – A full version
Demo2_Basic (0:49) – A basic, stripped version
Demo3_Short (0:30) – A 30-second version, ideal for commercials.

Track sections included in this download:

01_Intro_Basic (0:15)
02_Intro (0:15)
03_Chorus_1stHalf_Basic (0:14)
04_Chorus_2ndHalf_Basic (0:14)
05_Chorus_1stHalf_Viola (0:14)
06_Chorus_2ndHalf_Viola (0:14)
07_Chorus_1stHalf_Choir (0:14)
08_Chorus_2ndHalf_Choir (0:14)
09_Chorus_1stHalf_Full (0:14)
10_Chorus_2ndHalf_Full (0:14)
11_End (0:06)
12_End_Basic (0:06)
13_Extra_Intro_Short (0:14)
14_Extra_Intro_Short_Basic (0:14)
15_Extra_End_Veryshort (0:01)
16_Extra_End_Veryshort_Basic (0:01)
17_Extra_End_Short (0:03)
18_Extra_End_Short_Basic (0:03)
19_Extra_End_Long (0:10)
20_Extra_End_Long_Basic (0:10)

Also included in the download is additional documentation on how to use this Music Kit. Happy composing!

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