Laid Back Pack

Laid Back Pack

This is a pack of 5 songs that have a positive laid back vibe. All are driven by acoustic instruments with an introspective, mellow feel.

Simple Thoughts

SimpleThoughts_Ending_110.wav: (1:50)

The Best Days Are Still Ahead

TheBestDaysAreStillAhead_Loop_152_JHungerX.WAV (1:41)
TheBestDaysAreStillAhead_Ending_152_JHungerX.WAV (1:45)

The Great Still Lake

TheGreatStillLake_108_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:32)
TheGreatStillLake_108_Loop_JHungerX.wav (1:28)

Around And Around

AroundAndAround_106_Loop_JHungerX.WAV (1:48)
AroundAndAround_106_Ending_JHungerX (1:54)


Flying_112_Loop_JHungerX.wav (1:42)
Flying_112_Ending_JHungerX.wav (1:50)

Simple Thoughts:

Features a finger picked acoustic guitar, ukulele, and a piano playing a simple background tune at a medium driving pace. A pad is added halfway through for a slightly more dramatic effect. Positive, but sentimental, nostalgic and thoughtful.

The Best Days Are Still Ahead:

This optimistic and inspirational track begins with a couple of rapidly and lightly picked acoustic guitars, followed by a piano and pad increasing in intensity. The second half of the song picks up the pace and drives toward a feeling of success and overcoming challenges.

The Great Still Lake:

Very folk sounding with a pair of acoustic guitars fingerpicking backed by the droning sound of a piano and mournful organ. Invokes images of peace and tranquility, like waking up early while out camping and watching the sun rise over a large still lake. Nostalgic and wistful, yet also positive.

Around And Around:

Driving along in 6/8 swingy time, this song features two acoustic guitars fingerpicking together while a piano plays melody. Mellow but confident, this song has a feel of carousel movement, around and around.

This download includes a full version with an ending and a loopable version. The loopable version cuts off the ending chord and also a lead in note at the beginning of the song so that you can loop seamlessly.


Driven by two finger picked acoustic guitars, a piano, and pads, this song drives along with a breezy, ethereal, dreamy feel. Mellow and nostalgic, but at the same time optimistic, this evokes images of a dream of flying through the clouds.