Kitchen Sounds Pack

Kitchen Sounds Pack

33 stereo samples of sounds in the kitchen! Using kitchen tools, oven, bottles, dripping taps, coffee pots, pressure cooker, bowls and spoons, pans, cap of jar, kitchen drawers, frying, falling tools, glasses, cleanser, beat eggs…and many others!

See below the detailed list:

01-glass of water 0:08

02-sponge 0:12

03-cleanser 0:14

04-dripping tap 0:20

05-coffee pot 0:39

06-washing dishes 0:43

07-beat eggs 0:13

08-frying 0:21

09-pressure cooker 0:16

10-cap of jar 0:09

11-drawer pans 0:39

12-sounds of cutlery 0:18

13-sounds of cutlery 2 0:35

14-drawer 0:11

15-kitchen cabinets 0:17

16-oven and timer 0:40

17-oven and timer 2 0:21

18-fire in the burning stove 0:24

19-kitchen hood 0:36

20- Gas Stove 0:19

21-glass and plates on the table 0:28

22-filling water pot 0:15

23-sink water drain 0:04

24-filling the glass 0:15

25-noises of dishes 0:08

26-noises of dishes 2 0:07

27-glass mixing bowl 0:06

28-noisy bag 0:05

29-movements in the pantry 0:05

30-noisy bag 2 0:06

31-bag of rice 0:06

32-weighing on the scale 0:14

33-Flat glass bottle 0:05

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the samples are included in the download package.

Thanks! Davide!