Kids Fun Kit

Kids Fun Kit

Kids fun kit it’s a song constructor for great track “Kids Fun”, which uses a lot of acoustic guitar sounds. You can use any part to compose your own track (see below). The playful character is complemented by the sounds of merry bells and xylophone. This track will allow you to use it in any project. It is important that the archive contains two additional versions in 1 minute and 30 seconds long (see below).

PERFECT FOR: children, kids video, fun and cheerful projects, photo slideshows, family movies or footage, wedding videos, business and travel, motivational corporate videos, commercials, youtube videos, advertising, radio, journey, films, web advertisements, any presentations and many many more, be free to experiment with this song and enjoy. MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: Ukulele, piano, bells , accoustic guitar, accordion, drums. Comes both in .wav and .mp3 formats

Original track: KIDS FUN

What’s Inside

  • “no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project.
  • matching “tails” song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result.
  • ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration.

    Demo 1 (2:00): Duration – 2:11

    Demo 2 (1:30): Duration – 1:33

    Demo 3 (1:00 ): Duration – 1:07

  • All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit).

What’s a MUSIC KIT?

Music Kits are a more flexible, production ready music offering that provides fully produced music tracks in an easy to work with, modular way. Where typical music items are fixed length tracks, Music Kits are provided as separate drag-and-drop song sections built to provide natural musical transitions and endings that can be arranged seamlessly on a project timeline, with no additional mixing, editing, or crossfading required.

More info in .pdf documentation


01_Intro_Part1 – (0:14): Ukulele guitar introduction + melody

02_Intro_Part1_no melody – (0:14): Ukulele guitar introduction without melody

03_Intro_Part2 – (0:14): Ukulele guitar introduction + melody + bass line

04_Intro_Part2_no melody – (0:14): Ukulele guitar introduction + bass line

05_Verse1_Part1 – (0:14): Mainn theme + drums + melody

06_Verse1_Part1_no melody – (0:14): Mainn theme + drums

07_Verse1_Part2 – (0:14): Additional, second melody

08_Verse1_Part2_no melody – (0:14): Piano higher melody, guitar background, drums and percussions

09_Verse1_Bridge – (0:14): Bridge to first chorus + melody

10_Verse1_Bridge_no melody – (0:14): Bridge to first chorus

11_Chorus1_ver1_no melody – (0:27): Ukulele background, bass, drums and percussions

12_Chorus1_ver2_no melody – (0:27): Higher energy, high piano, high bells, additional percussions

13_Chorus1_ver3 – (0:27): Higher energy + melody

14_Verse2_Part1 – (0:14): Mellower, guitar background, drum stick

15_Verse2_Part2 – (0:14): Mellower, guitar background, drum stick

16_Verse2_Part2_melody – (0:14): Mellower, guitar background, drum stick + melody

17_Verse3_Part1 – (0:14): High energy, piano chord + melody

18_Verse3_Bridge – (0:14): Bridge to second chorus (high energy piano chord, drums) + melody

19_Verse3_Bridge_no melody – (0:14): Bridge to second chorus (high energy piano chord, drums)

20_Chorus2_Verse1 – (0:28): Second chorus with (accordions, energy piano, drums, bells) + melody

21_Chorus2_Verse1_no melody – (0:28): Second chorus with (accordions, energy piano, drums, bells)

22_End1 – (0:05): Based only on piano, acoustic guitar and drums part

23_End2 – (0:05): More accoumplished, with bass, more energy piano and dru,s riff