Kids Cartoon Pack

Kids Cartoon Pack

Kids Cartoon pack includes 4 items with variations

Kids Happy Commercial

Kids Happy Commercial is an uplifting and positive track, ideal background for kids and children media and whenever you need an optimistic vibe.

5 version included:

Kids Happy Commercial (1:40)
Kids Happy Commercial no maracas (1:40)
Kids Happy Commercial 30 seconds (0:30)
Kids Happy Commercial 15 seconds (0:15)
Kids Happy Commercial stinger (0:02)

Ukulele Kids

Ukulele Kids is a fresh and uplifting acoustic track with an ethnic vibe, featuring ukuleles, hand claps, finger snaps, glockenspiel, violins and several percussions.
Perfect for summer footage, instagram, clothing advertisement and video, footwear advertisement, youtube, talk show, cooking, food and explainers video, apartment repair videos, real estate medias, slow motion video, kids video, teenage video, as background for slideshows and presentations.

In the zip file you’ll find:

Ukulele Kids: (2:28)
Ukulele Kids 1 min: (1:00)
Ukulele Kids 30 secs: (0:30)
Ukulele Kids less drums: (2:28)

Comedy (2:02)

Comedy is a happy and positive track, ideal for kids and family medias, advertising, product presentations, explainers and tutorials, funny videos with animals and kitties, cartoons.

The Happy

The Happy is a fresh and optimistic background track, ideal for children and kids media, product presentations, commercial and advertisings.

It features background rhythmic vocals, acoustic guitars, ukulele, glockenspiel, flute, bass, trombone, fisa, whistle, drums, finger snaps and many little percussions.

5 versions included:

The Happy (2:32)
The Happy no whistle no voice (2:32)
The Happy shorter (1:06)
The Happy 30 seconds (0:30)
The Happy 15 seconds (0:15)

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