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Nice one! Smooth flow and very clean production. Especially loving the harmonics/rhodes melody on top of it. Sounds very editable as well, great job!



Hey Alkis!

Thanks so much for the kind words, man! You’re rocking the jungle lately from what I can see – glad to see you’re having such great success!


Hey Joel, I love this one! Very moving and inspiring. I’ll definitely keep it in my bookmarks! ;)

Thank you! I’m honored to be in your bookmarks :)

Another great finger picking piece! This one reminds me a little of Fionn Regan, really into him at the moment. If you haven’t heard him, check out ‘Be Good or Be Gone’ :) Sorry I’ve turned this into some sort of recommendation ramble haha. Anyway, keep ‘em coming dude!

Hey, I hadn’t heard of him but checked him out – really good stuff! Now I just need to be able to write lyrics like he does :)

You’re a very talented musician :-) Do you mind if I use one of your tracks on my Videohive project previews? I’ll provide a link on the description…

Thanks, Stormycub! Absolutely – please feel free to use any of my tracks in your VH projects! Just make sure that it’s the watermarked version, and let me know when you’ve got it posted and I’ll link to it from the song page.

Beautiful track

Thanks, Twiner!

Thats just one of those tracks I want to listen over and over and over again. Its magic

Please never stop making music :)

Thank you! I will keep making music until my dying day :)

Really nice piece of work. Love the legato bits on the acoustic guitar. Very nice and clean.

I particularly appreciated having the slightly longer playtime of 2:30. So few quality songs in the longer playtimes.

Thanks for your hard work an attention to detail.

Thank you very much – I appreciate the compliments and also the structural feedback! Shorter songs are easier :), but I’m trying to get some longer ones in my portfolio as well because I know there’s a lot of demand.


I’m using it as a background music track with voiceover on a 7 minute video project and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to putting it on loop at our booth where we will hear it around 1903908309 times a day. I’m expecting that we won’t actually get tired of it though.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I enjoyed watching an interview with David Russel who put a capo on the dgbe strings at the 4th fret. Some really fun sounds for fingerpicking with a bit of a jazzy/bossa feel. Doing it at the 2nd fret can also create some interesting sounds.

I’ve never tried that but it sounds interesting! Or at least I’ve not been able to do it – my current capo just slides right off when I attempt covering just the 4 strings :) I’m going to upgrade my capo and give it a whirl, though – I’m always looking for new sounds to spark the old creativity. Thanks for the tip, and also the compliments (and, of course, for the purchase :))

Great track, I used this to make a little video of my niece announcing that she was going to be a big sister the arrival of my nephew, so it will always have a special place. Link included if you want to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqzE4VpGUn8

Hey, thanks! I watched the video – very cute! And the video itself was really rich and colorful (don’t know how to describe it properly since I’m not a visual guy, but looks like you really know what you’re doing :)) Thanks for the purchase and the comment/rating as well!