Just Ad Ukulele Kit

Just Ad Ukulele Kit

If you’re happy and you know it, play the uke! This track has Modern light bouncy Ukulele, with bells, whistling, an incredibly catchy melody hook, and plenty of variation so it can be tailored to suit your needs. Positive vibes, hand clapping, and an energetic chorus to take it home. Theres a “la-de-da” background vocal version, and a version with no vocals.
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0:00 – 3:05 Demo 1 (3:04)
3:05 – 5:01 Demo 2 (1:55)
5:01 – 6:23 Demo 3 (1:22)

Included Sections:
01_IntroA_SingleGlockSweep (0:02) – A short intro, of only a single glockenspiel sweep
02_IntroB_UkeAndPercs (0:13) – Introduction, ukulele and light percussion
03_IntroC_Whistle (0:13) – Building on IntroB with Whistle
04_VerseA_VocalsAndGlock (0:13) – First verse, replaces whistle with vocals and glockenspiel
05_VerseB_AddGuitar (0:13) – Building on VerseA with extra picking acoustic guitar
06_ChorusA (0:13) – First chorus with whistle melody
07_ChorusB_WalkingBass (0:13) – Second half of chorus with walking bass line
08_VerseC_Breakdown (0:13) – Verse Breakdown with drum roll at the end
09_VerseD_AddGuitar (0:13) – Building on VerseC with drums, guitar and vocals
10_ChorusC_Breakdown (0:13) – A light piano and guitar chorus
11_ChorusD_DrumRoll (0:15) – A light piano and guitar chorus ending with a drum roll
12_VerseE_DoubleTime (0:13) – A double time energetic chorus
13_VerseF_FinalVerse (0:13) – Last verse to bring it home
14_OutroA_Long (0:13) – Longest outro, with naturally decaying chord at the end
15_OutroB_Medium (0:07) – A shorter outro, with naturally decaying chord at the end
16_OutroC_ShortNaturalDecay (0:03) – The shortest outro, with naturally decaying chord at the end
17_OutroD_ShortAbrupt (0:03) – The Shortest outro, with an abrupt ending