Joker Halloween Clown

Joker Halloween Clown

Halloween Crazy Creepy Clown, Halloween Dark Night Circus, Halloween Monster Music

Only for Halloween Eve price!

“Joker Halloween Clown” is a scary, cinematic and dark royalty free orchestral music. “Joker Halloween Clown” performed by an orchestra (terrible strings, ancient organ, horrible music box, nightmare pads, and other horor instruments and sounds).

“Joker Halloween Clown” is perfect for:
  • background music for your Halloween, mystic, scary and other project that needs horror music
  • documentary film about Joker, paranormal phenomenon and other theme, movie and cartoon soundtrack or terrible trailer
  • nightmare radio drama, theater and TV performance
  • background music for booktrailer or audiobook about monsters and other terrible person
  • YouTube Halloween, mystic, scary video and other
  • Halloween slideshow, web promotions, presentations and timelapse
  • family Halloween Eve party with monster’s costume
  • Halloween children’s animation projects
  • computer games with monsters as Joker, Dracula, zombie and other projects
  • Halloween advertising your’s product and much more

This item includes four versions in zip file (wav & mp3):

  1. full (Joker Halloween Clown) – 0:29
  2. without fx (Joker Halloween Clown) – 0:29 (without vocal samples and other sounds – perfect for different projects, from 0:30 in preview)
  3. short (Joker Halloween Clown) – 0:19 (from 1:00 in preview)
  4. loop (Joker Halloween Clown) – 0:19 (music box sounds for terrible background, from 1:20 in preview)

Videohive authors, you can use any of my tracks. If you want other version of this track please send me an email or comments. I’ll be glad post a link to your item here and my profile page.