Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells

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Song Info

5 Versions included!

“Jingle Bells” is one of the most famous and beloved christmas songs of children and adults worldwide. This orchestral version of the song brings a warm, joyful, celebratory, upbeat and “santa is comin” vibe to all of your christmas projects. Main instruments: Bells / glockenspiel, strings, brass, woodwinds drumkit, bass, sleigh bells.

For added flexibility, five versions are included.

1. “Standart Version”
2. “Light Edit” – with fewer instruments and lighter sound
3. “Short Edit” – one verse and the refrain
4. “Refrain Edit” – just the refrain
5. “Bells Edit” – a version of the song with bells/glockenspiel and sleigh bells

Song Structure


0:00 Intro & introducing the main melody
0:05 First verse
0:20 First refrain
0:37 Second verse
0:53 Second refrain
1:25 Third verse
1:42 Last refrain

2:22 Jingle Bells (Light Edit)
4:45 Jingle Bells (Short Edit)
5:25 Jingle Bells (Refrain Edit)
6:05 Jingle Bells (Bells Edit)

Audio Files Included

5 versions, including wav and mp3

1. Jingle Bells 2:21
2. Jingle Bells (Light Edit) 2:23
3. Jingle Bells (Short Edit) 0:40
4. Jingle Bells (Refrain Edit) 0:40
5. Jingle Bells (Bells Edit) 2:19


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